I mostly do business in Denmark and I can offer:




  • My ten biggest fuck’ups – Lessons learned from all kinds of trips. Some from my military career and the rest from the mountains.


  • Tajikistan: One trip and three big mountains in alpine style. Chaterock approx. 6.230m, Korjenevskaya 7.105m, Peak Communism 7.495m. How did I train, plan and execute this high altitude expedition.


  • How to Climb mountains: For the listeners that does not know anything about climbing and mountains. I will bring gear for all kinds of routes and montains and tell from A-Z about “How to climb routes on ice, rock, mixed terrain, high altitude etc. Caution!!! After this one you will need to experience the power of the mountains yourself 🙂


  • Any suggestion? Please feel free to contact me


I also do:

  • Coaching in leadership, teambuilding, planning and execution. This is my primary income.  (Currently I am fully booked on this one – but you are always welcome to write for interest)


You can contact me on: btk85@hotmail.com