I have served in the Danish Military forces for about ten years. In my team I have worked as the physical trainer making specific programs for the guys and later I had the privileged to work as the team leader taking care of the planning, preparation and execution. I have several deployments in the bag amongst others to Afghanistan and to the coast around Somalia (Navy). Training dedicated towards a goal has always been my routine and I love big projects that intergrates many different people.


In the Miltary I am educated as a Military physical trainer and every year I has participated in different workshops and trainer courses having learned from some of the best in the country. The key word has always been functional training that produces the best soldier and prevent injuries. Over the last years I have transferred this to climbing specific training, reading books and articles. Many lessons learned has been produced and some of them has been very expensive to check in.


Some of my educations and courses:

  • Winter training course in Porsanger, Norway. Most northern base in Norway:  Arctic training link
  • Military survival course
  • Military Physical Trainer from the “Institute for Military Physical Training” (Center for militær fysisk træning)
  • Kettlebell instructor
  • Clubbells
  • Mobility training
  • Mutiple workshops in functional training
  • Military Decision Making Process – How to plan and execute an operation
  • GPS instructor



Winter training in Norway, Porsangmoen