With three years off from job and only a little bit of studying there are many projects just waiting to be realised. This is only a few of them.


There is only ONE goal now and therefore only ONE thing to train towards: The six great North Faces of the Alps.


In a way that means that I need to train towards the whole spectre of climbing… I like that… 🙂


In August of 2018 I plan to go for Les Dru and Grand Jorasses


Presentation of the three first North Faces of the Alps


There are so much history about these routes and mountains. I will give you a short introduction:


Piz Badile 3.308m: Cassin route 800m, Grade: TD, 6a 

The easiest of the six North Faces – A long route that demands great teamwork and endurance



Les Dru 3.754m: Allain-Leininger route 850m, Grade: TD+ 6a

Also a long route with many loose rock and objective dangers. The route finding can be difficult and you need to cross a glacier on the approach.


Les Dru is the right “rocket” mountain and the North Face route goes up on the far right side on the picture. Aiguille Verte a higher mountain on the left.



Cima Grande 2.999m: Comici route 550m, Grade: ED-, 6b+

This is defiantly the North Face that I am most anxious about on our trip. It is “only” 500m long but the first 300m is slightly overhanging and it is the most technical of the three first North Faces.


The middle mountain with the light colour showing the overhanging part of the mountain.