Big Expedition to the remote North-East Greenland

23 participants, 28 days in the wild, 9 wounded war veterans, ski and sleds, three sled dogs as polar bear watch during night, Sirius Patrol and a camera team producing for Discovery and Danish “Kanal 5.


This fall there will be four 50 min episodes on “Kanal 5” from our expedition showing how some of the awesome wounded veterans struggled for a month in temperatures down to -37°.

This area is so remote that your need to charter your own plane from the northern part of Iceland. On our way home we had four flights just to get to Reykjavik on Iceland.

On our way I took several pictures and waypoints on many unclimbed rock and ice routes. Especially the big wall climbing looks amazing facing up to 1100m. Maybe I will go back one day to try some of those:-)

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